"Best gravures from 48 groups"

Maokyun’s day

She became quite famous for her seiyuu job in the AKB0048 anime. It’s a good thing for her because she’s barely never in the light  with her team…

Team M - Mita Mao

Nana you made my day !

Yui became so cute ^^

Kashiwagi Yuki

Kashiwagi Yuki

Nagao Mariya for Peach John


Nagao Mariya Twitter 2014/08/21

I’m doing a shooting for the
pamphlet of Kekkon no hensachi〜 My eyes are closed lol

Oh God !


Ricchan x Mariyagi x Miki x Nattsun x Yukarun. August 2014

Saepii <3

Saepii <3

Miyawaki Sakura - UTB

Miyawaki Sakura - “Moonlight & sunlight” on Weekly Young Magazine 2014