"Best gravures from 48 groups"



Saepii ! So lovely ^^

Miyawaki Sakura - Sakura Again on Manga Action

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Kashiwagi Yuki - AKB48 “White Letter” on WPB Magazine

Nagao Mariya

Nagao Mariya

Uha’s day (part 2/2)

At only 15, she’s in the middle of a big push. She was on Labrador Retriever so we could think she will have a kenin position soon… Will she be the new Jurina ?

Team S - Kitagawa Ryoha

Uha’s day (part 1/2)

She was a super kenkyuusei and I bet she will be one of the most popular member of SKE48 in a few years.

Team S - Kitagawa Ryoha

Nagao Mariya - Peach John offshot